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Schwandorf GmbH

Gutenbergstr. 1–5
92421 Schwandorf
T +49 9431 620-194
F +49 9431 620-540

Entry on the Commercial Register: HRB 85
Court of registration: Amberg
VAT-ID No.: DE811118483

Managing Director: Patrick J. Crean, Laurent Salmon, Thomas Simon

General conditions of use
Access to and use of this Website are subject to the following conditions. By using this Website and its offers, you are deemed to have accepted its conditions. This Website has been developed by Paragon Customer Communications Schwandorf GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the CORPORATION) and is administered by the same. We reserve the right at any time to discontinue or modify either in full or in part, our Website, the General Conditions of Use, our General Standard Terms and Conditions and our Conditions of Sale and Delivery.
This will be done at our discretion and without prior notification. We therefore ask that the next time you visit this Website you look through these conditions again and note any changes or amendments that may have been made. Please note: This is a translation from an original German content of our website. German word description will prevail over any translation of this content.

Limitation of liability
The CORPORATION regularly checks and updates the information on its Web pages, as well as scanning for viruses. Although due diligence is exercised, the data may nevertheless be changed and the possibility that viruses may be transferred when using our Web pages cannot be ruled out. No liability or guarantee can therefore be assumed for the relevance, accuracy and completeness of the information provided, or for the consequences of a virus attack, whatever they may be. The same applies to all other Websites accessed by means of hyperlinks. The CORPORATION is not responsible for the content of the Websites that may be accessed through such a link.
For the reasons stated above, it is particularly important that you always make your own checks on information that you have obtained from this Website prior to using it in any form whatsoever. Users of this Website declare their acceptance that they access this Website and its contents at their own risk. Neither the CORPORATION nor any third party involved in the creation, production or transmission of this Website can be held liable for damage or injury resulting from access or the impossibility of access or from the use or impossibility of use of this Website or from the fact that you have relied on information given on this Website.

Forward-looking statements
This Internet site contains statements that look to the future. These statements use words such as "believes", "assumes" or "expects" and similar formulations. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to considerable differences between the actual results, the financial situation and the development or performance of our corporation and those views either expressed or implicitly assumed in these forward-looking statements. These factors include:

  • economic downturns in the industries in which we carry out our business activities
  • new regulations or changes to existing ones that increase our operating costs or otherwise reduce our profitability
  • increased material costs, especially if we are unable to pass these costs on to our customers
  • liability, particularly in connection with environmental legislation
  • fluctuations in the exchange rate, as well as changes in the general economic climate
  • and other factors identified in this Internet site.

These factors include those described in reports filed with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In view of these uncertainties, we advise readers not to rely too heavily on these forward-looking statements. We assume no obligation whatsoever to continually update these forward-looking statements or to make them conform to future events or developments.

International users
This Website is monitored, operated and maintained by the CORPORATION in Germany. It is intended for international use. However, the CORPORATION gives no guarantee that the information presented on this Website is correct and admissible worldwide. Should you call up this Website and/or download its contents, it is your responsibility to ensure that your actions comply with the pertinent local legislation applicable to your location.

Surrender of use and benefit
The content and structure of these Web pages are protected by copyright. Reproduction of information or data and in particular the use of text (whether in full or in part), or pictures or graphics, requires prior approval from the CORPORATION.

Trademarks and copyright
All the trademarks on this Website are the property of the CORPORATION or of the CORPORATE-GROUP, unless otherwise noted or in any other way perceivable as third party rights. Any unauthorised use of these trademarks or other materials is expressly prohibited and constitutes violation of copyright, trademark law or other industrial property rights.

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This Website contains links or references to the Websites of third parties. Providing these links to the Websites of third parties does not constitute approval on the part of the CORPORATION to their content. The CORPORATION accepts no responsibility for the availability or the content of these Websites nor any liability for damage or injury resulting from using the content in any way. Links to other Websites are made available to the users of this Website merely for the sake of convenience. Users follow the link to these Websites at their own risk.

Applicable law
Any legal claims or lawsuits arising in connection with this Website or its use are subject to the interpretation of the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, except for the provisions of international private law and the Hague Convention relating to a Uniform Law on the International Sales of Goods of July 1, 1964 and the UN Sales Convention of April 11, 1980.

Data protection
Paragon Customer Communications Schwandorf GmbH places particular emphasis on the protection of personal data, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses. We will not collect any personal data over our website without your agreement. Within the confines of a registration (e.g. a customer survey, information survey (Investor Relations) or an online application, you decide whether to make these details known to us or not. In general we use your personal data to answer your queries and allow you to access special information. Paragon Customer Communications Schwandorf GmbH will neither sell your personal data on to a third party, nor use them for any other commercial purposes.

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