The savings potential of modern postal processing,

based on independent offers and price comparisons!

Post management

Our experts in the optimisation of postage operations and costs will advise you on the most competitive postal service providers. In this respect we are not tied to any postal service provider, and can provide you with independent offers and price comparisons, which will result in significant cost benefits for you.

Our service ranges from checking your address material to creative input. For all European countries we can optimise the postage costs for your address stocks, together with cost optimisation provided by the use of alternative delivery services, and special optimisations for bulk mail deliveries. On request we can also offer you clarification of postal regulations relating to the implementation of your order.

In the process we always maintain an overview and identify the optimum distribution channels for you. Thanks to our many years of know-how we are not only familiar with the savings potential of modern mail processing, but also ensure reliable, punctual implementation while taking the right decisions on postage optimisation and shipment optimisation in line with postal specifications.