We turn your visions

into concrete digital concepts!

Process consulting für digital projects

Whether it's in the business or private field: our everyday lives are today shaped by digital projects.
We support you in comprehending, linking and successfully applying digital processes across all media, because the underlying processes are only effective if they are optimally meshed.


We take your visions and develop them into tangible concepts which we then implement as cost-optimised dialogue marketing projects!


To make sure that this is successful, we work closely with you from the very beginning. On the basis of various agile processes this creates the optimum operational process for your project. Part of this is the precise analysis and corresponding optimisation of your existing processes for digital projects.

In recent years digital processes have been greatly transformed. In this respect we therefore rely on agile and flexible processes, in which we never lose sight of you and the target.


Answers to the following questions are important:


  • What do we wish to achieve?
  • What target group are we aiming at?
  • What is the right channel, the right medium for this target group?
  • What is the time schedule for the project?
  • Is it to be a single level or a multi-level digital project?
  • What's the available budget?
  • How do we measure ROI?
  • How will we deal with the response?


Do you need support on specific answers?
We will be happy to advise you – free of charge and without commitment. Get in touch with us right now!