Speed and efficiency

aimed at optimal fulfilment of the requirements of your customers.


On today's highly competitive, fast-moving market it is essential to respond optimally to the requirements of customers. As fast as modern communications channels convey the wishes of your customers and potential customers, you should be able to respond to their enquiries and fulfil their requirements just as fast. For this reason, the impressive fulfilment operations of Paragon Customer Communications will enable you to get off to a flying start in terms of speed and efficiency. This will provide your company with the necessary resources to boost the satisfaction of your customers and to retain them in the long term. Thanks to our online reporting you always have an up-to-date overview of all processes.


We support and relieve you of work in a number of areas:

  • Distribution logistics/warehousing
  • Webshop with merchandise management interface
  • Automated order acceptance via all communications channels
  • Customisation and packaging of shipments
  • Product-specific packaging and dispatch solutions – domestic/international
  • Returns management
  • Customer support / debtor management

Fast and efficient shipping

As a direct-marketing service provider and large-scale shipper with many years of experience the handling of information material and goods is part of our daily business – providing you and your customers with decisive benefits:

  • Processing and implementation of your customer orders within 24 hours, thanks to fast and secure data exchange
  • Perfect shipping operations for goods subject to payment: Ensuring receipt of payment, reminders, debt collection and creditworthiness checks
  • Low postage charges thanks to synergies in the bundling of shipping volumes
  • Efficient returns management ensures the smooth flow of goods and minimisation of costs
  • A modern customer service centre with round-the-clock support
  • All-round know-how and extensive IT and logistics capacities

Your decision in favour of the fulfilment system of Paragon Customer Communications is sure to make your company even more successful. We help you on the fast and efficient way to satisfied customers! You benefit from savings on your overhead for labour and logistics resources, and ensure that your customers will always be ready to make purchases.


Your contact partner:
Josef Meier
T +49 9431 620-381
E josef.meier@paragon-cc.de