Essential tools and services,

so that you can get the best out of all channels the digital world has to offer.

Digital services

From the very beginning we work in close cooperation with you, in order to find the best solution for your company's digital processes. During process consulting, in particular, effective communication is important for the purpose of recording, analysing and fulfilling your requirements with precision. In addition to all-round consultancy, we also provide you with long-term support with the aid of web-to-print tools, marketing-automation platforms for multi-channel campaigns and other digital services, such as digital asset management.


We'll be happy to advise you on our digital services – of course without commitment and free of charge. Get in touch with us right now! Hotline: +49 9431 620-111.

Digital asset management

Don't search for your files, find them!

By digital asset management, DAM for short, we mean the saving and administration of digital content such as graphics, photos, videos, music files or text modules. On a daily basis we save images, documents, video and audio files, transferring them and updating the data etc. Well-managed, efficient digital asset management is therefore one of the main requirements for successful marketing, because via the central platform all the media to be integrated can quickly be found. In addition a rights system ensures clear structures and demarcation.

With our Cloud solutions (Big Data) here at Paragon Customer Communications we offer you user-friendly and flexible use with our tool. Tiresome searches and the renewed sending of lost files are a thing of the past. This saves a lot of time and money, not just for your company but for you personally, your employees, customers, partners and all other persons with whom you share your media.


We'll be happy to advise you on our digital services – of course without commitment and free of charge. Get in touch with us right now! Hotline: +49 9431 620-111.

Email marketing

In terms of dialogue with the customer, email marketing is a significant element. To make sure that this makes an impact, we support you on all aspects and coordinate the process with all your other advertising channels.
One very effective measure is trigger mails, which respond to reactions on the part of your customers and take all the content of your database into account. They include welcome, reactivation, birthday and transaction emails – which are triggered automatically and result in above-average click rates.
However, there's even more – for example we can also apply re-targeting or predictive campaigns, which take into account not only the current status of the customer, but also apply information based on the future. Coupled with the print-on-demand products of MEILLERGHP, these automated emails once more generate an additional effect on a further channel with the same content and improved advertising impact.

All sound a little crazy? Not with us - try it for yourself!

NFC Technology

NFC gives your direct-mail campaign an innovative boost. Near-field communication (NFC) is a wireless connection technology which enables the exchange of data between devices such as smartphones which are in close proximity to each other. NFC technology has many applications, e.g. cashless payment or entrance tickets for means of transport or events. At MEILLERGHP we link online and off-line worlds, and can integrate NFC chips into your next advertising commercial. The advantage is that you don't need an additional app but can access the registered information directly. Independently of a direct-mail promotion, we will also provide you with support and ideas on the productive use of this technology. If you are interested in this or any other application, we look forward to hearing from you.

We also invite you to read our blog post on the subject.

Interface development

Software interfaces have become an integral part of our modern business world. They enable the exchange of data between your system and any other systems. In the development of individual interfaces to a wide range of systems, we can look back on a wealth of experience and indispensable solutions.

We'll be happy to analyse your systems and – together with you – develop ways in which your interfaces can be optimised. And if you already have a clear idea of the interface you require, we will be happy to help you with creating it.

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