79 % of consumers abandon their shopping basket without making a purchase.

You can turn them into purchasers with hyper-personalised direct mailings.

Individualised advertising for more response

With its full-colour individualisation technology Paragon Customer Communications is one of the few companies in this industry to enable pioneering personalisation possibilities covering small, medium-sized and large print runs. With images, in particular, this technology is adapted in every respect to the requirements of your target group, and provides ideal communications. This incentivises consumers to occupy themselves with your direct mail and ensures a higher response rate.

Hyper-personalisation: From target-group to target-person marketing

By hyper-personalisatio we mean the individual appeal to specific customers, and no longer to target groups. However, compared to the classical individual appeal, it goes one step further: each person is regarded as an individual, and not as part of a target group. Customers are contacted with products and offers which are customised for them. This increases the relevance of the advertising message significantly.


In the ideal case the customer perceives your offer not as advertising, but as a relevant service. In other words, with hyper-personalisation you can approach your customers in an optimal way, arousing their interest, building up a personal relationship and accordingly increasing the incentive to make purchases and long-term satisfaction.


Requirements for hyper-personalisation

Successful hyper-personalisation requires the efficient administration of customer data, because the information held by your company is the key to one-to-one communication. It includes, for example, an analysis of customers’ purchasing history and recommendations, together with predictive analyses.

The basis for hyper-personalisation is provided by professional CRM systems and an analysis of variable data. A large number of personalisation options, linked to variable images, creates an offer which is precisely customised for its recipient. The latest digital print technology ensure high-quality 100% individualised print mailings, which ensure that your message actually hits the target.


Our IT specialists create a programme for each of our clients and the relevant individualisation requirements. Within a matter of seconds this programme uses the provided information, images and texts to create thousands of different print PDFs, which are then produced fully automatically in digital web or sheet printing.

Hyper-personalisation and re-targeting

For a long time such purchasing recommendations were the exclusive preserve of online media. In so-called re-targeting or re-marketing, visitors or customers of a company's own website or online shop are targeted by banner advertising when they surf the web or visit other websites later.


Thanks to hyper-personalisation it is now possible to appeal to individual customers in print mailing as well. Use the unique combination of targeted, individual content and the high attention-grabbing factor of print direct mail. In addition, the retention of print advertising messages is much higher than that of digital advertising. Because of ad blockers or the limited attention span of website visitors, digital advertising banners are often hidden or go unnoticed, whereas the opportunity to read and feel a print mailing means that recipients occupy themselves much more attentively with the relevant content.

Hyper-personalisation and predictive analytics

Did you know that with the data from your CRM system - enriched by forecasts (predictive analytics) - you can send your customers today what they will need tomorrow?

And what's even better: not just in the form of an email but as a print mailing.

We'll be happy to explain to you in person how this works!


Every individual customer is different. So is each of our mailings. 100 % individuality. Because of their previous purchases, all customers receive exactly those products which they have previously looked at or placed in the shopping basket, but haven't purchased.

Target Marketing

With our wealth of experience we can support you in enriching your address data with all marketing-relevant information. In this way messages can be aligned with the requirements of the customer in an even more targeted and individual way.
This comprehensive target-group data forms the basis for all further individualisation processes. The aim of a requirements-based and individualised approach to customers or potential customers is always to increase the success rate of customer acquisition and retention measures.



However, target groups with the same socio-demographic features such as gender, age, marital status, profession, education or household income can have different requirements and lifestyles. This example shows a mailing with two different, target-group specific designs. One of them is aimed at the target group of receptive persons for whom harmony is important and who, for example, especially value the family. The other target group consists of persons who are looking for new experiences or – put in another way – for adventure. Thanks to the individuality of the target group appeal, the rate at which the mailing is opened and responded to is increased significantly.