We take care of it for you.

As a result you have more time for your core business!


Whether it's response management, scanning, fulfilment, warehousing or print management – Paragon Customer Communications is your professional service provider for many outsourcing operations. Our expert staff will look at your requirements in detail and support you in achieving maximum efficiency and success. This will save you time and resources, and increase the long-term satisfaction of your customers.


Use us as an external service provider so that you can release more capacities for your core business!

Minimising costs while at the same time maximising quality and enjoying the possibility of concentrating your operating capacities on your core competencies – this is what outsourcing with Paragon Customer Communications makes possible. The professional analysis and seamless reply recording of our response management helps you with all aspects of your marketing promotions. We take care responsibly of scanning, fulfilment, warehousing and your print management, while you can concentrate your resources on your core business.

Let's take a look together at how we can boost the efficiency of your company!
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Response management

Our professional response management provides you with an analysis and detailed recording of incoming responses from all channels.

Scanning and Archiving

After scanning in the response elements, we make a check on the content and then return them reliably and seamlessly to your system.


As part of our fulfilment service we respond to and fulfil the wishes of your customers reliably and fast.


We help you with intelligent storage logistics, the administration of incoming and outgoing goods, and also handle returns. This saves you time and money.

Print management

Whether it's a question of the most appropriate printing process, paper or finishing methods: we support you with efficient print management.